Education for the Poor and PWDs (Persons Living With Disabilities)

“We believe that the poor and disabled have a lot of talent and intellectual capacity which could be improved with better educational accessibility”. Hon. Alfred Yambo.

There can be no expectation of holistic development if at all there are a lot of disparities between the rich and the poor. That gap has to be shortened and the best way to do that is to educate the poor and PWDs to create their own jobs.

What will this achieve?

  • It will empower the poor and the PWDs.
  • It will help the undermined groups (PWDs and poor) create their own jobs.
  • It will ensure a holistic County development and thus, nationwide development.

Through empowering of the PWDs and the poor through offering them equal access to education, there will be a significant reduction in poverty and dependence on the old generation. Many youths will be able to fend for themselves leaving the old to retire. It is also these youths that will take care of the aged societies. We can expect the following successes:

  • Improved educational attainment and therefore literacy.
  • Improved economic situations at Ndhiwa Constituency.
  • Independence from the aged society.
  • Protection and care for the aged by the youth at Ndhiwa.
  • Better and improved lifestyles for all.

We must all envision a future where the PWDs and the poor benefit and try our best to totally eradicate the presence of anyone that is lacking in what everyone should be enjoying. We have a future of not having poor societies but very well developed individuals at Ndhiwa constituency. If one can make it, all can, even the PWDs and the poor.

Published by Lavine Les Mots

"Do unto me as you would have me do unto you". "Fais-moi ce que tu veux que je te fasse"

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