Road and Other Infrastructure Improvement

There will be a lot of effort made to improve the structure and state of the roads and other infrastructure at Ndhiwa Constituency.

In the course of the past fifteen years, there have been expected changes in the state of the infrastructure of the public structures at Ndhiwa Constituency. Previous leaders have tried to make improvements but still, a gap exists. This is the poor state of the service provision offered by the infrastructure.

What is in the manifesto of Hon. Yambo?

  • To improve the infrastructural design of the roads, telephone lines and electric transformers at Ndhiwa.
  • To ensure that most if not all residents of Ndhiwa have accessible transportation.
  • To minimize the cost of transport across Ndhiwa through achievement of the above.

There is a strong need to have better roads and other infrastructure at Ndhiwa Constituency to ease the burden of going to school, work or just everyday activity. Electricity and telephony services must be easily accessible to all.

The major questions to be answered by this project will be:

  • Can the residents of Ndhiwa Constituency have better infrastructure?
  • What are the benefits of having an improved infrastructure at Ndhiwa.

This project should open up businesses especially for the SMEs and in the end improve the per capita income of the residents of Ndhiwa Constituency. It should also boost tourism in the area due to easy accessibility of tourist destinations across Ndhiwa.

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