Keeping Safe in Relaxation of Curfew

In these hard times when the curfew has been imposed, Kenyans need to continue with their work. The president recently relaxed a bit the curfew laws and extended the deadline to 9 p.m.

The honourable MP, Yambo is calling upon all Ndhiwa residents to comply with personal safety measures that have been in place. These include the wearing of masks, sanitizing and use of clean water for cleaning and washing up.

There also has to be social distancing and avoiding of clubbing and partying. Restraint has to be observed as much as possible. Through careful interaction, the COVID-19 crisis will be controlled and not spread any further.

Therefore, all Ndhiwa residents are called upon to be vigilant, careful, clean and responsible. They must show a lot of concern for each other by coughing and sneezing in a responsible way. They must care for each other.

Published by Lavine Les Mots

"Do unto me as you would have me do unto you". "Fais-moi ce que tu veux que je te fasse"

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