Inclusion of Women in Governmental Institutions in Ndhiwa

There has been a long term need to empower women in conflict-affected areas, bring them together across geographical or political lines to agree on common positions in peace negotiations or post-conflict elections; supporting their engagement with security and justice institutions to stop impunity for violence against women.

Gender inclusion assures women a fair chance to success as men.

Also, facilitating their inclusion in post-conflict planning processes to ensure their needs are addressed; and strengthening their engagement with peacekeeping forces to encourage creative responses to the considerable security threats women face.

We aim to have an inclusive leadership that will see at least 1 in every 3 institutions in Ndhiwa either headed by a woman or has a female vice chair. There is a strong need to allow women to feature in administration of the Ndhiwa County local offices and more governmental institutions of importance including business.

“Including women is assuring the youth of a future and promising taking care of the aged”.

Alfred Yambo

All the women living and working in Ndhiwa must expect change from as early as the successful grasp of the 2022 parliamentary seat. If at all a governmental institution lacks a woman in a high position, we shall have to initiate a reshuffling of positions to be inclusive of women too.

Watch this space.

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