Upgrading of Infrastructure, Supply of Electricity, Availing of Water and Improvement of Roads

We will not lie to each other. Ndhiwa is a wide constituency but with terrible roads. We cannot even begin to talk about the health risks associated with the unavailability of water. This also applies to other infrastructure.

Roads can be improved in Ndhiwa and electricity supply revamped.

There is an obvious need for improvement and that is exactly what we stand for this round in public service. We are not even in office yet, but we want to make sure that Ndhiwa is already benefiting from proper public service.

It would be nice to see electricity supply available to all the members of Ndhiwa Constituency. More so, school going kids at this time need to study online and electricity becomes a matter of urgency. With electricity comes internet connection and we have a future year plan to have freely available internet hotspot connection areas across Ndhiwa constituency. For now however, we pay more attention to water, electricity and road improvements. How good it would be to have all of these working effectively for all Ndhiwa residents.

Laying a foundation for water supply promises a future.

“If money is well spent, society develops. If society develops, items become cheaper not more expensive. Why? Many already have these items”.

Alfred Yambo

Roads are needed by the rich to deliver goods to the poor. Roads are needed by the poor to access jobs provided by the rich. In short, we all need roads. These roads need security cameras powered by electricity, generated by water and maintained by computer services that need internet connection. Let us work towards achieving the best of these four 21st century basic needs: water, electricity and good roads.

We are already doing it and we need you, Ndhiwa residents to play a part in it by supporting our cause and our bid to represent you. It is possible to achieve all this in a short span of time and have lasting effectiveness on future generations.

Infrastructure is possibly an achievable goal across 2022.

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