Some Politicians Are Smarter Than Others. What Are Some Ways to Identify Them?

The smartest politicians are not always the loudest.

They are not always promising to build this and that for you. They rather demonstrates these traits:

1.They hardly talk. They only speak if they have to say something meaningful to the constituents.

2. They are very mature. They never fight in public and make news for that.

3. They avoid drama. This means that they do not throw insults with others to make news.

4. They are very kind. They understand kindness keeps people calm and avoids fights.

“A lot of what is termed as smart has to do with actions rather than mere words”.

Alfred Yambo

5. They are very clean, responsible and care about where the constituency lies in terms of health and cleanliness. At this time, they care about COVID-19 measures.

6. They respect your boundaries. If you have a complaint at the County, they care to address your problem. They know that you too are human.

7. They only get angry when they have to. This could be in punishing criminals found in their constituency.

8. They are very respectful. Even a small citizen without rank is respected.

9. They may come out as shy or not so outspoken but they let their actions speak louder than their words. Right now, they are defending the weak and helping them resettle, when they are moved through demolitions and evictions for road construction.

10. They hardly socialize. They hate small talk. However, they disburse teams to address constituency issues. They are responsive to suggestions for community improvements.

You may not always see your area representative but they may be represented by teams that are on the ground setting up water points, cleaning up the streets or even building a clinic near you.

What are some of your ways to identify smart politicians?

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