More Women Are Having The Hope To Lead

Around the world, women now have more power than ever before. Men still dominate decision-making but the number of women is on the rise in parliaments and cabinets, judiciary and police forces, formal employment and education.

Increasing the number of women in political and public positions is important, but does not mean that they real power. Women in public life are often subject to sexism and prejudice. Women are less represented in the sectors and positions with the most power.

This two-year research project on women’s voice and leadership in decision-making, funded by DFID, set out to understand the factors that help and hinder women’s access to and substantive influence in decision-making processes in politics and society in developing countries. The project also considered whether, as is often assumed, women’s leadership advances gender equality and the wellbeing of women more broadly.Read the synthesis report

Women and power: overcoming barriers to leadership and influence

This is a most interesting feat and we congratulate women. This paper synthesizes two years of research on women’s voice and leadership in decision-making, including studies of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Gaza, Kenya and Malawi. Downloads

See how Kenya performed by downloading from the link above.

“Leadership can change any day that people decide, whether for worse or for better”.

Alfred Yambo


Infographic: the number of women in parliament is rising, but men still dominate
Infographic: economic development doesn't always lead to more women in power
Infographic: more women MPs does not always mean more women in the top government jobs

It is possible to keep these statistics rising as we seek to empower more women in today’s leadership. We want to lead with women and have more of them hold important offices in parliament. That is what we stand for in 2022 and have already started now.

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