How Can You Benefit Your County?

The government should do this and do that.

The government should do some things for the people. This is actually true. The government owes you better roads, schools and basic amenities even jobs. However, you should be your very first line of help and betterment of society.

The government owes you a lot but you can also help yourself.

Therefore, you must know what you can do to make your constituency and County in general better. There are roles that you as a citizen could play. These are mostly to do with, the environment, economy and security.

“Before you blame the government, try to do something on your own for the benefit of self and those around you”.

Alfred Yambo

Here is what you can do to make your County better:

1.Keep your environment very clean.

2. Reduce noise pollution and other forms of pollution all together.

3. Live in peace and avoid unnecessary conflict.

4. Do anything that you can for a living, so long as it is safe and legal.

5. Help others succeed just like you.

If you can learn to do these, you will not only make Ndhiwa a better place but the entire County. If at all other Counties could borrow from you, then the entire country will be well developed, financially, socially, economically and politically.

This we can all do.

Published by Lavine Les Mots

"Do unto me as you would have me do unto you". "Fais-moi ce que tu veux que je te fasse"

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