How To Survive After Losing Your Job During the COVID-19?

You have to know that disagreements are a part of life.

At times you get praised for a good job and at other times, the stress becomes too much.

You therefore must first of all not beat yourself up over what did not work. Keep your head up and appreciate the good that you did.

Here is how to stay calm:

1.You are lucky if at all you have a side hustle, may be two. Use that. Make it a business.

2. Think of where you could get jobs immediately.

3. Try to do simple online jobs that pay fast such as, watching videos of an advert, online surveys may be writing sites that reward you for your work.

4. Use your skills. Can you fix a computer? Can you do accounting? Can you take care of a baby? Use your skills.

5. It is good to save. Yes, to invest too. Save for such days.

6. Do not worry of how poor you will be or end up in debt. Work with what you have at the moment.

7. Have a positive mind.

8. Hey, opportunities are always there for the open minded. Keep your mind open for anything.

9. Sell some of the stuff you do not need anymore.

10. Make YouTube videos and let the views come.

Whether you quit or you got fired, things will work. I know the COVID-19 also took away a lot of jobs. Stop fearing. All will be well. Stay calm.

Published by Lavine

"Do unto me as you would have me do unto you".

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