Being Everyday Diplomats

Who is a diplomat?

In layman terms, “one who represents the national interests of his or her country by the permission of their government”.

In professional terms, “A government official hired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discharge the various duties of diplomacy under the Vienna Convention, not limited to: foreign policy, truce, globalization, defending sovereignty and creating better chances for development of his or her home state.

Now, that was complex. However, we too can be diplomats. The best part is, we do not have to be hired by our governments. We can be the speakers of peace, championing development and education through our daily interactions in person, online and even in sports, such as marathons and the Olympic games.

It is up to us to ensure that we can promote peace in our global societies and defeat racism across all sectors of life, including marriage and relationships. We can love like a brother and educate like a father while care for each other like a mother and mean well for each other like a good sister. Everybody is included.

“A family is a simplification of a larger society”.

Alfred Yambo

In these, we can make better societies and even make those who wish to join terrorism be united in the common good that fights against terrorism itself. At times, all a discouraged youth needs is a bit of encouragement from the rest of the families in societies that they too are appreciated.

So, you are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram plus more. Go out there and be a very good diplomat, the best that you can be. If not now, then when? Start now after reading this post.

We are all responsible for the interaction in our global society. Take your responsibility today.

Published by Lavine Les Mots

"Do unto me as you would have me do unto you". "Fais-moi ce que tu veux que je te fasse"

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