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Hon. Alfred Yambo
Hon. Alfred Yambo is here to serve and deliver.

Who is Alfred Yambo?

Yambo is a Human Rights Activist, an activist against gender based violence, a champion for gender equality, a peacemaker and advocate for the rights of girls, women and children. He is rightfully the chairman of the Henry’s Care Initiative, an NGO set out to promote all that sees to it a better access to health, education, Human Rights, social justice, help for the PLWDs and those living with HIV/AIDS. He also takes it upon himself to support the cause of the youth, persons living with disabilities, people prone to HIV/AIDS, the poor and vulnerable and the ones who lack resources to education and growth. In addition, he also values his services in youth empowerment, Pan-Africanism and social development. Yambo remains committed and dedeicated towards the betterment of society and innovation of more access to basic human needs for the poor and vulnerable. He holds a Masters in Political Science and Public Policy.

He has a strong taste for politics being experienced with the current issues that affect the holistic society of Kenya.

Through his NGO work and Human Rights Activism, Hon. Yambo understands the place of the poor and vulnerable in the society especially in accessing medical care and having a fair reach to the resources in the country. Therefore, his vision is based on reaching the poor and vulnerable while at the same time not being biased to the rich and middle class.

Hon. Yambo is humble and dedicated to his work.

Through citizen and government partnerships, alongside the inclusion of the religious groups, civic society and the marginalized communities, Yambo is free and fair to all.

His work borders on support, inspiration and provision of opportunities to succeed for the constituents that he has to serve and more.

You can trust Hon. Yambo to lead well and with an adamantly strong will.

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