Inspiring Better Policies to Improve Society

There are many regimes that come and go, yet the world is still filled with problems. Many citizens globally have been waiting, waiting for that day when things will be better, whether they come from the developed or the developing countries. They hope that their leaders will improve the state of their lives so that they can have more promising futures.

However, things are not always as black and white as they expect. They get disillusioned into the belief that world leaders can achieve the manifestos’ promises that they always give to get votes. Therefore, it falls unto us the citizens of the globe to inspire positive policies that will give us the kind of lives that we wish to live. We can always lobby, research, present and call for implementation of these suggested policies.

Politics is not meant just for politicians but also for the citizens on who it impacts. This means that the citizens have the power to affect the politics of the day. Many are usually too scared or just don’t care about how their country is run. The world is ours, all of us, it should not be in the control of a few, the so-called 1%. We need to take back what is ours. Not through breaking the law, not through violence, but through inspiring policies that will make our lives even better.

“Doing nothing to change a situation is just as bad as doing something bad to make it worse”.

Alfred Yambo

We all have a duty to make the world a better place for all and everything in it. This includes: women, children, school-goers and even plants and animals. Through our inspiration, there will be less poaching, less selling of exotic items from animals, less corruption and less unemployment.

Let us take the stand now!

One day at a time.

Safeguarding Water and Food Reserves

The weather pattern in the country has been abnormal. There have been lots of rains experienced in January and February, months that are normally dry. This has seen some places flooding with people losing their houses, properties and for others their lives. Others have lost their sources of livelihoods including farming lands and cattle. However, there have been some blessings in disguise.

Since the COVID-19 has still been an ongoing issue, it has been important to preserve water and food in preparation for a future that is not yet certain. This has been an obligation for all households, the NGOs, the environmentalists and the government at large. Amidst some tragedies caused by the rains, there also have been some open advantages to take notice of.

Therefore, you are advised to save as much water as possible to maintain a constant supply of free flowing water during this time of the COVID-19. In this respect also, the conservation of food has been boosted as most farms do well in the conductive environment created by the rains and sun alike.

“For everything happens to prosper the prepared even amidst disaster”.

Alfred Yambo

Being vigilant of conserving water and food will make sure that the uncertainty of COVID-19 is countered as we all hope that the ongoing vaccinations will bear a positive fruit. We must always do our best to help ourselves where we can so that we do not lose opportunities when they present themselves.

We Can Minimize Refugee Instances and Illegal Immigration

There are only a few reasons why one may want to leave their country for another:

  • Bad and injurious politics.
  • A lack of jobs.
  • A loathe for one’s own country
  • Poor healthcare and education.
  • Misinformation

If at all governments, NGOs, citizens and everybody at large can notice the above 5 reasons, then, we as a society can minimize instances of the creation of refugees and illegal immigrations.

Most of the time, it is the global south that heads north in search for greener pastures. These so called “greener pastures” are employment, pleasurable lifestyles and education. So, now that we have realized what makes people not love their countries, we can work towards improving these and giving immigrants a reason to love their countries.

Refugees are not always leaving their countries for the same reasons that immigrants do. They could have shifted due to:

  • Bad politics that gets lethal.
  • Civil wars.
  • A lack of resolution to regional conflict.

Therefore, in this, governments have duties to ensure that they are the fore bearers of peace, unity and communication that promises prosperity. They are not alone in this bit should be aided by the NGOs, schools, churches and all of us citizens of the world.

“You owe me peace. I owe you the continuation of that peace”.

Alfred Yambo.

We are all responsible for the creation of refugees and illegal immigrants through our failures to create jobs, foster peace, champion better governments and offer opportunities for people to have better lifestyles. We must therefore allow each other to grow, encourage each other to live and most of all, encourage each other to be happier in their environments.

We can put an end to the refugee status and illegal immigration if we choose to do what we can to make society a better place for all.

Protecting Children from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most disturbing issues in today’s society. It cuts across developed and developing countries owing to several factors. Among these include:

  • An inflated ego.
  • A lack of self-esteem (deflated ego).
  • Poor upbringing.
  • Male chauvinism.
  • Aggressive femininity.
  • Archaic cultural beliefs.
  • Poor educational backgrounds.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse

Parents are the major perpetrators of domestic violence and as such, must be dissuaded against the practice. Unfortunately, children (1-15) are the greatest victims of domestic violence. They suffer through various ways such as:

  • Dropping out of school.
  • Losing friends due to stigmatization.
  • Intense trauma.
  • Intense depression
  • Suicide
  • Physical pain
  • Rape
  • Denial of childhood

Parents must therefore stop subjecting their children to domestic violence whenever they have disagreements. Children are innocent and must be protected by their first line of defense, that is, their own parents.

Here are some ways for parents to seek help to be better for their children:

  • Regular visits to the psychiatrist. This could be weekly or monthly.
  • Regular family talks/meetings that promote cohesion in the family.
  • Valuing family activities such as dining together and going out together. These improve bonding.
  • Talking to other family members and friends.
  • Practicing forgiveness for mistakes done to each other.
  • Loving the children unconditionally and spending as much time as possible with them.
  • Being open minded to change such as, less alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Going to church and seeking spiritual help.

“Children have emotions, more than us the adults. We must take care of their fragile minds and hearts”.

Alfred Yambo.

If at all parents can keep their cool, then the children are less likely to suffer. The family will be close-knit and enjoy as much of peace and love as possible. This will create happier families and happier countries.

Together, we can eliminate domestic violence, more so against children.

Keeping Up The Pace

As January comes to an end, it is encouraging to see that we as Kenyans have managed to clear out the first month of the year. This is important because of the COVID-19 crisis that has still been an issue for the world. What we must draw from this successful step is that, we can make it through the year whether the COVID-19 crisis gets solved or not.

We therefore must encourage each other in a continuous spirit to keep up the pace and work together to overcome the crisis of COVID-19 everyday. The adage is true, “What does not kill one makes one stronger”. We have worked hard and here we are, just 11 more months left to complete the year again. We can therefore improve our economy and recover from the damage caused by the pandemic.

“Let us not forget that, the harder we work, the more we near success”.

Alfred Yambo

Failure is a choice and so is poverty. Let us choose to win so that we will not be poor. Let us choose to win so that we shall build a still possible future. Let us choose to win so that our children and their children may get the best of life.

We always can win. We can finish this year just as we have come to the end of the first month.

God bless you as you continue with the rest of the year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Each Other Handle Depression

Ever since the onset of COVID-19 in our country, there have been instances of people engaging in actions that have been fatal to their lives and those of others. Some of these have included: kidnapping, murder and the eradication of entire family members.

Recently, there was a case that involved a young man who sought the help of his friend to murder his entire family of five other members. This was one of the most gruesome cases of crime in our country since the beginning of 2021.

“When we do not take action, we are only left to suffer the consequences of inaction”.

Alfred Yambo

It is so unfortunate that, the youth who are supposed to be finding ways of getting back on track with school work are engaging in murder. This is because they are lacking in guidance from parents, teachers, neighbours and even elder siblings.

Police officers control a crowd near the scene of the inspection of a vehicle suspected to be packed with explosives on April 24, 2014 in Nairobi’s Somali district of Eastleigh a day after another car bomb was detonated killing two police officers at a nearby police station. Following a tip-off from the public, bomb experts set about inspecting the vehicle which they said bore signs of having been used to transport a large load, possibly an explosive device, before towing it away for further forensic inspection. At least four people, including two policemen, were killed on Wednesday when a car bomb exploded outside a police station in Nairobi near a major Somali neighbourhood. AFP PHOTO / Tony KARUMBA (Photo credit should read TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

We therefore must take it upon ourselves to offer sound advice to our youth to keep them on the right path towards educational and life success. We are all responsible for any youth around us and therefore owe it to ourselves as society to be there to guide them and prevent further subculture crime.

What Can Kenya and Somalia do to Avoid Going to War?

At the moment, things between Kenya and Somalia are shaky.

This started with the Al Shabaab of Somalia attacking Kenyans and then now, the politicians are in a tussle.

Kenya and Somalia are both African countries with a lot of potential.

Kenya is more economically successful than Somalia and has more resources.

Somalia too has its advantages.

However, both countries are heavily indebted to the World Bank.

They are in serious need of development.

“It is only the presence of negative indecision that leads to the crumble of peace”.

Alfred Yambo

They have terrible governments.

Oh, the COVID-19 has been terrible on both countries.

This is not the time for war Kenya and Somalia.

You need to focus on economic growth, better politics and a future for the both of you.

Don’t go to war.

How can classical conditioning be a political dictator’s most dangerous tool of oppression to a society?

It can be.

Psychology is a dangerous tool to whoever can use it.

If at all a dictator can order for the army to shoot you for demonstrating and they use live bullets, that will sink in to your mind.

He can make any laws that he wants and he will count on the fact that you cannot demonstrate against them.

He has classically conditioned you to be afraid of opposing his policies.

This is exactly what real life dictators use, even unknowingly.

They classically condition the masses to do their will on the promise of punishment for opposition.

If you can outsmart a dictator, you can stop him.

“The best way to fight dictatorship is to outsmart it”.

Alfred Yambo

You use the same psychology that he uses against you to bring him down.

Keeping Busy During the Lockdown

There have been disturbing reports of teens being found in partying and clubbing scenes amidst the lockdown. They have been sneaking out of their parents houses and attending private parties where they are meant to engage in sexual orgies and drug abuse.

This has come at the height of the pandemic as schools remain locked for a fear of a reinfection. There have been fears of a second wave of the COVID-19 in Kenya specifically as most businesses try to go back to normal.

There is a serious need for the kids to get busy with reading at home, receiving tutorship online or even getting entertainment from the safety of their parent’s houses. All this sneaking is worrying not just for the reasons related to COVID-19 but also for premature pregnancies and abuse of drugs.

“If we do not step in to help our kids, we fail them as parents”.

Alfred Yambo

As parents, we must be there to make sure that our kids do not sneak out in the middle of the night to engage in shoddy behaviour. This is a duty that we all must take it upon ourselves for the sake of protecting our children.

Let us be more vigilant.

Provision of Safe and Clean Water

Having safe and clean water to drink and use for other domestic activities is of utmost important. Today’s society stands a higher challenge of getting access to clean drinking water. The poor families living in the informal settlements have a hard time accessing sanitary water for daily use such as washing and general watering of locally grown food exposing them to diphtheria and other water borne diseases.

It is our mission to provide safe drinking water and furthermore for domestic daily use. Through our mission, we seek to reach out to at least 1 million people that have a problem accessing safe drinking water and sanitary water for domestic use.

“We are responsible for the well-being of our own society. We should do our part”.

Alfred Yambo

Support our cause and we shall achieve this dream together with your help. This is a joint effort that we cannot achieve without your help. United we stand to benefit our society at large. You are therefore very welcome to be a champion in this mission.

Please visit our donate page to help us as you can. Even if you cannot contribute anything, just sharing this post across social media is enough support. We appreciate it.