What Can Kenya and Somalia do to Avoid Going to War?

At the moment, things between Kenya and Somalia are shaky.

This started with the Al Shabaab of Somalia attacking Kenyans and then now, the politicians are in a tussle.

Kenya and Somalia are both African countries with a lot of potential.

Kenya is more economically successful than Somalia and has more resources.

Somalia too has its advantages.

However, both countries are heavily indebted to the World Bank.

They are in serious need of development.

“It is only the presence of negative indecision that leads to the crumble of peace”.

Alfred Yambo

They have terrible governments.

Oh, the COVID-19 has been terrible on both countries.

This is not the time for war Kenya and Somalia.

You need to focus on economic growth, better politics and a future for the both of you.

Don’t go to war.

How can classical conditioning be a political dictator’s most dangerous tool of oppression to a society?

It can be.

Psychology is a dangerous tool to whoever can use it.

If at all a dictator can order for the army to shoot you for demonstrating and they use live bullets, that will sink in to your mind.

He can make any laws that he wants and he will count on the fact that you cannot demonstrate against them.

He has classically conditioned you to be afraid of opposing his policies.

This is exactly what real life dictators use, even unknowingly.

They classically condition the masses to do their will on the promise of punishment for opposition.

If you can outsmart a dictator, you can stop him.

“The best way to fight dictatorship is to outsmart it”.

Alfred Yambo

You use the same psychology that he uses against you to bring him down.

Keeping Busy During the Lockdown

There have been disturbing reports of teens being found in partying and clubbing scenes amidst the lockdown. They have been sneaking out of their parents houses and attending private parties where they are meant to engage in sexual orgies and drug abuse.

This has come at the height of the pandemic as schools remain locked for a fear of a reinfection. There have been fears of a second wave of the COVID-19 in Kenya specifically as most businesses try to go back to normal.

There is a serious need for the kids to get busy with reading at home, receiving tutorship online or even getting entertainment from the safety of their parent’s houses. All this sneaking is worrying not just for the reasons related to COVID-19 but also for premature pregnancies and abuse of drugs.

“If we do not step in to help our kids, we fail them as parents”.

Alfred Yambo

As parents, we must be there to make sure that our kids do not sneak out in the middle of the night to engage in shoddy behaviour. This is a duty that we all must take it upon ourselves for the sake of protecting our children.

Let us be more vigilant.

Provision of Safe and Clean Water

Having safe and clean water to drink and use for other domestic activities is of utmost important. Today’s society stands a higher challenge of getting access to clean drinking water. The poor families living in the informal settlements have a hard time accessing sanitary water for daily use such as washing and general watering of locally grown food exposing them to diphtheria and other water borne diseases.

It is our mission to provide safe drinking water and furthermore for domestic daily use. Through our mission, we seek to reach out to at least 1 million people that have a problem accessing safe drinking water and sanitary water for domestic use.

“We are responsible for the well-being of our own society. We should do our part”.

Alfred Yambo

Support our cause and we shall achieve this dream together with your help. This is a joint effort that we cannot achieve without your help. United we stand to benefit our society at large. You are therefore very welcome to be a champion in this mission.

Please visit our donate page to help us as you can. Even if you cannot contribute anything, just sharing this post across social media is enough support. We appreciate it.

Elated to Receive the ODM Membership Certificate

Finally, I received my ODM life membership certificate, National youth leader and the deputy received me with warm welcome, we discussed number of issues from BBI, youth leadership nationally and Youth position in General Election 2022.

This means that all roads lead to Parliament in 2022. There is no turning back from here. Our team is making more preparations as we do our best to maintain professionalism and honesty towards our journey to the leadership of Ndhiwa.

“Fortune favours the prepared not just the bold”.

Alfred Yambo

Come out in your numbers and make our dream a reality. We count on your support as we continue to push forward towards 2022. Victory will not just be for our team but for all of us as Ndhiwa constituents. Thank you in advance.

Annexing Brotherhood and Cohesion to Business and Society

There is a need to maintain peaceful relations with the international business partners from the USA that trade in Kenya who did not really support your candidate of choice. This means that, it should be business as usual for you and at the back of your mind, you must keep the notion that Kenya is a peaceful state.

As we watch the events unfold in the usa, we must borrow a leaf where they have done well and apply the same in our 2022 elections which are close. The same way that the investors from the USA are still doing business in Kenya is the same way that you should maintain ties with them even after our elections in the future.

After it is all said and done, we here say congratulations to president elect Joe Biden and wish him all the best.

“You can only win once you embrace all people as equal”

Alfred Yambo

Handling The Uncertainty of Funding the Future

Many parents are still worried over how they will make up for school fees and other related educational costs. The housing and business requirements are also ever increasing. Therefore, there has been a need to work toward funding the future.

Therefore, among the ideas that Kenyans should look at feature: setting up a separate savings account from the original or normal bank account. This will help Kenyans have some extra money on the side after expenses are met.

“We must show care for each other in order to support our future”.

Alfred Yambo

Joining legitimate SACCOS. These help you save and work like insurance covers. They are meant to help each and every member to set a savings pool and ask for loan as required. However, caution must be taken when joining these.

Last but not least, we need to be our brother’s keeper. In as much as we are living in a capitalistic state and global society, we must be socialists at this time. Everyone around you should be like your distant relative deserving of your help. You too will benefit from the help of those around you. We must take care of each other.

Let us work as individuals and as a family to take care of each other and fund the future.

Happy Mashujaa Day

Today, we all mark a great day in history and tie it to the heroes that fought for it. Our independence did not come cheap but through sticks and stones by our heroes such as: Jaramogi Oginga Oginga, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and James Gichuru among great women like Mekatilili Wa Menza.

Happy Mashujaa Day Kenya.

Also on this day, we commemorate other heroes in sports, achievement and education. These are people like Paul Tergat, Eliud Kipchoge and many more. They have done our country proud being out there competing in world events such as the Boston Marathon. They have put our country on the good pages of all books on world achievement.

Today also, you are a hero and a champion that has helped made Kenya great. You have made pour country feel special and important. You have been a hero just by being a Kenyan citizen and a supporter of our great country. We are totally happy to have you here with us as we celebrate this great day.

“Do not forget the poor in the streets today. Feed them, clothe them and be their hero”.

Alfred Yambo
Cute happy boy receives help well.

Keep your eye out for the poor and underprivileged in society today. That is how you can be a hero today. Provide for them even for just this one day. Open up your hearts and show them some love. Today is also their day and you can manifest their desires. Do not be stingy.

After it is all said and done, may God bless you and bless our great country, Kenya.

Happy Mahujaa Day!

Help Spread Awareness Against Human Trafficking For Sex and Marriage

Most cases of trafficking for the purpose of marriage involve young, female victims, many of whom come from disadvantaged family backgrounds, according to the UN.

UN Researchers found that the resulting marriages can be arranged by family members, wedding agencies or brokers, often for financial or material gain. In some cases, brides are kidnapped.

Many African and Kenyan girls are being secretly married off.

Various coercive or fraudulent methods are used to obtain consent, including abduction, deception, abuse of vulnerability and the receiving of payments or gifts.

“Women and girls trapped in these forced unions face violence, abuse, restrictions on movement and isolation from their parents and friends”.

Alfred Yambo

Abused and afraid
There are many factors that make women vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, including their age, status, and lack of education and employment opportunities.

Physical and sexual abuse is common and mainly perpetrated by the husband, but sometimes also by his relatives and friends and other third parties, including clients purchasing sexual services or abusive marriage brokers”, she said.

Forced marriage can be linked to all phases of human trafficking, starting with recruitment and transportation of the victim. As with other forms of trafficking, only a small proportion of cases reach the attention of the police, and there are very few convictions.

Let us all come together to end this inhuman act of trafficking girls and women for marriage and sex. We can do it through: community policing, having stricter laws against perpetrators, keeping our children safe among many more.

Documenting Good Practice Examples on Gender mainstreaming

As a strategy for achieving gender equality, gender mainstreaming involves a process of incremental change in policies, strategies and activities. The long term objective is that attention to gender equality will pervade all policies, strategies and activities so that women and men influence, participate in, and benefit equitably from all interventions. Documenting good practice in mainstreaming gender equality entails recording positive steps made towards achieving this goal. Although the policy, project or activity may not yet be perfect from a gender equality perspective, it is still possible, and important, to record positive steps in the right direction.

Gender mainstreaming is an important element of society.

Good practice examples should document how gender equality concerns were made central to policy-making, legislation, resource allocation, planning implementation and monitoring of projects and programme. They should, if possible, document the transformational aspect of mainstreaming -the impact that consideration of gender equality aspects has in terms of changes to goals, strategies, actions, outcomes and impacts.

“Gender mainstreaming promises less conflicts in leadership and acquisition of resources by all citizens of any state”.

Alfred Yambo
Women also need to be empowered without forgetting boys, girls and men. Society must grow, together.

A good practice example of gender mainstreaming could be actions which lead to a positive change in:

  • Policies; 
  • Strategies / approach;
  • Advocacy efforts;
  • Legislation;
  • Research and other analytical work;
  • Statistics- greater sex disaggregation, improved gender analysis of data, or identifying gaps in the data base;
  • Development of indicators and improved monitoring;
  • Medium-term plans and budgets;
  • Procedures and processes.

A good practice example could also document positive organizational changes necessary to promote gender mainstreaming, such as: 

  • Competence development on mainstreaming; 
  • Establishment of a gender unit or focal point with a clear mandate and necessary resources to promote and support mainstreaming;
  • Indication of management commitment to mainstreaming;
  • Establishment of accountability mechanisms; 
  • Development of guidelines, manuals, and other tools to support mainstreaming:
  • Establishment of a resource base of relevant gender equality expertise for mainstreaming.
Let us be there to see all members of society develop and succeed.

We need not be still talking about gender mainstreaming. We should be already actively doing it and succeeding at it. It is never too late to carry on from where we are. Together, we can.