Online Services Reformation

There are many people in Ndhiwa who prefer to use the manual method of carrying out businesses, including schooling. That is, you prefer the child going to a classroom. However, as we near September, we do urge you to consider handling a lot of work and schooling online. There are already ongoing online classes for school-going kids using various apps and programs such as, Google Classroom.

You can also try to as early as now create customer support for your businesses online. These are for businesses that majorly depend on manual means for service delivery such as fishing and sugar harvesting. Sugar and fish are main finance earners for Ndhiwa and we would like these businesses to continue. Schooling is also of utmost important.

We therefore encourage more automation of services and businesses as schools set to reopen on September. Many businesses are also expected to have more leeway during this time and that is why you need to re-establish contact with your customers as early as now.

“Make hay, while the sun still shines. Do not wait for things to be better”.

Alfred Yambo.

Let us all get back to work and school and stop waiting for tings to be better. We must keep a positive mind.

The work continues in Ndhiwa!

Youth and Community Empowerment Project

Nobody knows when the COVID-19 will end. It may be here to last for a very long time.

However, we are hoping that its impact on business reduces over time. In this respect, we are planning a youth and community empowerment plan that will assist the youths and other vulnerable parties get jobs.

This will be very important in that, it will ensure that the economy of Ndhiwa constituency can slowly recover to what it was before the COVID-19. You are encouraged to participate in this project for the common good of yourself and the many who live in Ndhiwa.

“When disaster strikes, it is easy to see the damage, but when we come together, it is easier to see the successful solutions that we can have”.

Alfred Yambo.

We shall keep you updated on when this project will kick off but as for now, we anticipate early September when schools reopen. You are all very welcome to be a part of this revival of our economy.

Let us build Ndhiwa.

Together, we can.

Filing of Returns

The whole country is obliged to remember to file their returns before the end of June, annually. We would like to make Ndhiwa Constituency an active area and honestly stalked towards making their returns on time.

We can only develop as a society if we start from our constituencies and counties and then the country at large. Therefore, we take this opportunity to urge you to avoid last minute rushes and file your tax returns today!

All Ndhiwa residents are called upon to actively make their dues before June 28th which is tomorrow. In future, be fulfilling your tax obligations early so that Ndhiwa can have the best and most economy-minded citizens in the country.

Through your taxation, we are able to build for you the things that we all promise and Hon. Alfred Yambo is no exception.

“We promise to build many things for you but you also have to play your part and pay your taxes on time”

Alfred Yambo.

Thank you for complying.

Together, we can build Ndhiwa and make it as prosperous as it should be.

Supporting Alfred Yambo is supporting positive change.

Schools Are Soon Reopening

In September, the government has announced that schools will reopen. Therefore, parents are urged to be vigilant and ensure that their children are still observing the safety measures against the COVID-19.

Teachers at Ndhiwa schools all over Homa Bay County also are urged to be on guard and not let the memory of COVID-19 slip. Children are still not mature enough to care about limiting the spread of the virus and so it will be upon the parents and teachers to ensure that they observe the safety measures for them.

Safety has no expiry

Hon. Alfred Yambo

There is always a good reason to stay protective even though everything seems okay.

Together, we can always keep COVID-19 away.

Safe schools reopening on September.

Keeping Safe in Relaxation of Curfew

In these hard times when the curfew has been imposed, Kenyans need to continue with their work. The president recently relaxed a bit the curfew laws and extended the deadline to 9 p.m.

The honourable MP, Yambo is calling upon all Ndhiwa residents to comply with personal safety measures that have been in place. These include the wearing of masks, sanitizing and use of clean water for cleaning and washing up.

There also has to be social distancing and avoiding of clubbing and partying. Restraint has to be observed as much as possible. Through careful interaction, the COVID-19 crisis will be controlled and not spread any further.

Therefore, all Ndhiwa residents are called upon to be vigilant, careful, clean and responsible. They must show a lot of concern for each other by coughing and sneezing in a responsible way. They must care for each other.

Upholding the Law in Ndhiwa

Ndhiwa Constituency is one of the few in Kenya that has low crime rates.

Hon. Alfred Yambo has a plan to keep the statistics as they are, low and well managed.

Therefore, in his manifesto, Hon. Yambo plans to review the police and the law enforcers in other institutions so as to continue this wonderful and peaceful trend.

Security for all in Ndhiwa is a major consideration for the MP.

All residents of Ndhiwa can be assured that they will be safe and able to carry out their businesses at any time of the day or night.

The more we practice safe living habits, the better we make our society.

Alfred Yambo.

We believe that a safer Ndhiwa is a safer country for the residents, holistic citizens and visiting tourists.

This remains as the ultimate plan for Hon. Yambo for Ndhiwa Constituency.

The COVID-19 Community Sensitization at Ndhiwa Constituency

There is an ongoing COVID-19 Community sensitization and distribution of masks, sanitizers, soaps and water tanks to the poor and vulnerable members of Ndhiwa Constituency.

The poor and vulnerable are the most desperate for healthcare. In this respect, they need the most help from society and individuals alike. It is through this fact that Honorouble Alfred Yambo will be leading a charity project in Ndhiwa Constituency, Homa Bay County.

What will he be targeting?

  • Distribution of masks, sanitizers, soaps and water tanks to the poor and vulnerable.
  • Sensitization on the spread and impact of COVID-19.
  • Training on how to best protect oneself from the virus.

If at all you live in Ndhiwa, you will be able to meet him and pose questions.

You also could be a volunteer for his project.

You are very welcome.

Road and Other Infrastructure Improvement

There will be a lot of effort made to improve the structure and state of the roads and other infrastructure at Ndhiwa Constituency.

In the course of the past fifteen years, there have been expected changes in the state of the infrastructure of the public structures at Ndhiwa Constituency. Previous leaders have tried to make improvements but still, a gap exists. This is the poor state of the service provision offered by the infrastructure.

What is in the manifesto of Hon. Yambo?

  • To improve the infrastructural design of the roads, telephone lines and electric transformers at Ndhiwa.
  • To ensure that most if not all residents of Ndhiwa have accessible transportation.
  • To minimize the cost of transport across Ndhiwa through achievement of the above.

There is a strong need to have better roads and other infrastructure at Ndhiwa Constituency to ease the burden of going to school, work or just everyday activity. Electricity and telephony services must be easily accessible to all.

The major questions to be answered by this project will be:

  • Can the residents of Ndhiwa Constituency have better infrastructure?
  • What are the benefits of having an improved infrastructure at Ndhiwa.

This project should open up businesses especially for the SMEs and in the end improve the per capita income of the residents of Ndhiwa Constituency. It should also boost tourism in the area due to easy accessibility of tourist destinations across Ndhiwa.

Education for the Poor and PWDs (Persons Living With Disabilities)

“We believe that the poor and disabled have a lot of talent and intellectual capacity which could be improved with better educational accessibility”. Hon. Alfred Yambo.

There can be no expectation of holistic development if at all there are a lot of disparities between the rich and the poor. That gap has to be shortened and the best way to do that is to educate the poor and PWDs to create their own jobs.

What will this achieve?

  • It will empower the poor and the PWDs.
  • It will help the undermined groups (PWDs and poor) create their own jobs.
  • It will ensure a holistic County development and thus, nationwide development.

Through empowering of the PWDs and the poor through offering them equal access to education, there will be a significant reduction in poverty and dependence on the old generation. Many youths will be able to fend for themselves leaving the old to retire. It is also these youths that will take care of the aged societies. We can expect the following successes:

  • Improved educational attainment and therefore literacy.
  • Improved economic situations at Ndhiwa Constituency.
  • Independence from the aged society.
  • Protection and care for the aged by the youth at Ndhiwa.
  • Better and improved lifestyles for all.

We must all envision a future where the PWDs and the poor benefit and try our best to totally eradicate the presence of anyone that is lacking in what everyone should be enjoying. We have a future of not having poor societies but very well developed individuals at Ndhiwa constituency. If one can make it, all can, even the PWDs and the poor.