Upgrading of Infrastructure, Supply of Electricity, Availing of Water and Improvement of Roads

We will not lie to each other. Ndhiwa is a wide constituency but with terrible roads. We cannot even begin to talk about the internet connection and the availability of water. This also applies to other infrastructure.

Survival For the Kindest

The president recently announced that bars would be closed. He also indefinitely suspended the opening of certain businesses mostly in the tourism industry. Therefore, in these dark economic times, it is all, survival for the kindest! All citizens must work together to keep each other afloat. You must lay differences aside as you all tryContinue reading “Survival For the Kindest”

Inclusion of Women in Governmental Institutions in Ndhiwa

There has been a long term need to empower women in conflict-affected areas, bring them together across geographical or political lines to agree on common positions in peace negotiations…